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Handbook Information


Dear Parents/Guardians and Students:


It is my pleasure to welcome you to Olla Standard Elementary School.  We are very excited about having you here.  We hope this will be a productive and successful year for you.

This is the Olla Elementary handbook/planner.  This planner will help organize his/her daily, weekly, and long-term assignments. The planner comes home each night with the student.  The parent initials it at night so the teacher will know you have seen your child’s assignments.  This program will improve your child’s organizational skills and serve as a helpful reference for parents to provide academic support at home.

We at Olla Elementary encourage parental participation and support.  Working together, we will be able to reach our collective and individual goals of our students.


Mrs. Rhonda Russell



Report cards are issued six times a year, at the end of each six-week period.  The parent will keep the original report card for future reference. Progress reports are sent home on Wednesday of the third week.

A sampling of students work will be sent home each week on Wednesday.  Parents are asked to review the papers and sign the folder indicating they have seen their child’s work.  The signed folder should be returned the following day.



In the even that it becomes necessary for a child to check-out of school during the regular school day, the accompanying adult will go to the office to sign the student out of school.  After three early check-outs/tardies a letter will be sent home for you to sign and return.  After 5 unexcused early check-outs/tardies you will be referred to truancy court.  FOR THE SAFETY OF OUR CHILDREN NO TRANSPORTATION CHANGES WILL BE MADE OVER THE PHONE.



Students arriving at school after 7:55 a.m. are considered tardy.  If a student is tardy, the parent is to report to the office with the student to sign them in.  After three tardies/check-outs a letter will be sent home for you to sign.  After 5 unexcused tareis/check-outs you will be referred to the Child Welfare/Attendance Officer.




Seating arrangements are to be determined by the bus driver.  Problems concerning the bus should be discussed with your child’s bus driver.  Parents must notify the school office in writing prior to 2:00 p.m. if the child’s mode of transportation home will change.



We believe that homework is a means of bringing the teacher, pupil, and parent together.  Students are to complete all written and oral homework assignments as required by the teacher.  Each student may use this planner to write down their homework.  The student is responsible for writing the assignments down in their planners. 



Regardless of how hard someone tries to avoid problems, they still exist.  If you have a problem with any portion of Olla Elementary, please, come to or call the school and we will discuss the problem and do our best to resolve the problems before it becomes a major obstacle in the learning process of our children.  Please talk to the teacher first, and then the principal.


OES ROAR:       Respect Others

                              Obey Rules

                              Are Responsible

                              Ready to Learn