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Parental Involvement Policy

Parental Involvement Policy

Olla Elementary School

Parental Involvement Policy



            The mission of the staff, parents, students, and other stakeholders at Olla Elementary School is successful learning for all students.  Parental involvement is a key factor in achieving high academic standards and in meeting the needs of each individual student.  The school provides multiple opportunities for parents to become involved in their children’s education as described below.

Throughout the school year:

  • Parent phone calls as needed for academics, behavior, etc... Recorded in phone log.
  • Tiger Tales from principal
  • Newsletters and reminders are sent weekly or biweekly as needed
  • Student folders/handbooks sent home weekly and signed
  • Student behavior folders sent home daily and signed
  • Progress Reports sent home in the middle of each grading period for all grades
  • Bag-a-Book program and notes to parents sent daily
  • Parent Expo
  • Individual parent conferences as needed
  • School Improvement Plan- parental involvement
  • Fall and Spring Parental Conferences as scheduled by LaSalle Parish
  • Positive Behavior Intervention Supports each six weeks
  • PBIS – weekly (2) Positive Behavior coupons
  • May Honor Roll Trip
  • Pre-K parent activities/meetings/field trips




Open House/Family Night

PTO Meeting


Parent/Teacher Conference


Positive Behavior Intervention Support


Thanksgiving Feast


Class Christmas parties with parents


Parent Expo

Positive Behavior Support


Parent/Teacher Conference


Easter egg Hunt

Easter parties with parents


Positive Behavior Support


Honor Roll Trip

End-of-School Celebration

PK/K/5th Graduation